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Welcome to AVAD's Customer Support Portal
This portal will help you understand and use the AVAD VoIP phone system. You will find tutorials, user guides, web links, and other information to enable you to maximize the potential of your AVAD Hosted VoIP phone system.
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Using Your Polycom Phone PDF Print E-mail

This instructional flash application was created and designed for the Polycom 601 series. However the learned material translates across the entire Polycom Suite of phones. With this tutorial you will learn everything from the basics of answering a call, to how to host conference calls. For anyone who uses AVAD and Polycom phones this tutorial is a "must see"

Simply click the link below to view the tutorial. This tutorial requires Adobe Flash Player to view.

Using Your Polycom Phone
Polycom Launches SoundPoint IP-670 PDF Print E-mail

The SoundPoint IP 670 is an application enabled desktop IP phone with a high performance color display, Polycom’s revolutionary HD Voice™ for unparalleled voice quality, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.


Updated Reception Console Released PDF Print E-mail

AVAD Receptionist Console is a carrier-class, software-based attendant console for use by receptionists who manage inbound calls for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as departments and groups within the enterprise.


Tutorials - Feature Access Codes PDF Print E-mail

A feature access code is a series of digits that usually begin with the * key which when used, perform certain actions. AVAD has a default setting for each and all feature access codes however your group administrator can change them.


Featured Service

Voice-mail to E-mail

Managing your voice mails is now as easy as clicking a mouse. Incoming voice mail messages appear with your other email. You can play the message on your desktop, save it, or forward a copy to your entire team.

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